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Welcome to Barefoot Bodyworks SLO. Providing quality Ashiatsu Massage in San Luis Obispo County since 2011. Specializing in Barefoot Massage, Ashiatsu, ROM, and Fijian Massage.

Pain Management

~Injury Prevention & Recovery

~Stress Relief


BareFoot BodyWorks SLO

What is Barefoot Massage?


         Barefoot Massage is a Ashiatsu technique using aspects of traditional Japanese Ashiatsu in combination with western Deep Tissue, Swedish, and Myofascial Massage styles to give a Deep Tissue massage using the massage therapists’ feet as an effective multifaceted tool. The deep strokes from the Barefoot Massage therapists’ feet, along with gravity-assisted depth, and compression delivers a deep tissue, myofascial massage to deliver a better deep massage experience to clients.

BFBWSLO - Dave-5525
BFBWSLO - Brian-4885

Service fees & Booking

Single sessions

  •    30-minute Sessions ~ $65

  •   60-minute Sessions ~ $135

  •   90-minute Sessions ~ $200 

  • 120-minute Sessions ~$280

  • 150-minute Sessions ~$335

Multiple Sessions

Packages available

Packages are a wonderful way to establish a regular bodywork commitment, allowing for a focused program for sessions and/or maintaining sessions. These packages are shareable between family members and friends. 

Series of 4 ~ save $6 each/$24

Series of 6 ~ save $7 each/$42

Series of 8 ~ save $8 each/$64

  Series of 10 ~ save $10 each/$100

 Series of 12 ~ save $11 each/$132

Barefoot Massage is an Ashiatsu technique using deep strokes from the massage therapists’ feet, utilizing gravity-assisted depth, and compression, to deliver a deep massage like no other. The style is a combination of western and eastern forms of deep tissue technique and ancient forms of barefoot bodywork dating back thousands of years from cultures across several countries. Here at BareFoot BodyWorks SLO, we utilize all of our extensive training to deliver an effective Barefoot Session.


Mobility Massage is a session focused on your flexibility and range of motion joints. It's a combination of styles: Thai, Range of Motion, and Stretching. This can be added to reg. Barefoot Sessions to some degree.  Stretch Therapy enhances performance through mobility. This modality of massage can incorporate more dynamic movements with varying active assisted range of motion(as-rom) and passive range of motion(p-rom) techniques based on your needs and the goals of the session.


Coming soon!

Combining techniques to bring you the deep tissue myofascial blended with mobility components and/or traditional hands-on massage techniques. 


What Clients are saying...

Robert 2016

  Ashiatsu massage is absolutely the best deep tissue massage, and Missy is exceptional. Highest recommendation.

Jennifer 2019

This is by far the best massage I have ever had. Missy is a skilled and intuitive bodyworker. She is very knowledgeable of her craft and cares deeply for her clients. I trust her implicitly with my massage care.

James 2021

Today was my second visit to BareFoot body works, and it was just as good as the first time. Missy is a master at her craft. The deep tissue technique she uses is amazing… worth every penny.

Glenna 2022

Being a massage therapist myself and yet to try Ashiatsu modality l did not know what l was missing. Missy is highly skilled and intuitive within her sessions. From the moment you enter the studio you feel at home and I walk away from each session feeling so much balance and relaxation that other modalities can't offer.
I encourage you to book a session and you will be transformed. 10 out of 10.

Jessica, SLO 2022

 In a field saturated with mediocre half-hearted bodyworkers, Missy absolutely shines. She is a beacon of true talent and expertise in San Luis Obispo county. Even with hundreds of hours of receiving under my belt, I wasn't sure what to expect from Missy's barefooted practice. It is unlike any deep tissue massage I've ever had. As a fellow bodyworker I am both humbled and excited to have discovered this wonderful practice and this wonderful person!

Chris 2019

I have had massage regularly for over 20 years and this massage style is my favorite. Missy is exceptional at what she does and I promise you will get results and feel amazing.

Meet our growing team of Barefoot Massage Specialists.

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