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Ashiatsu is a Barefoot massage technique using deep strokes from the massage therapists’ feet, utilizing gravity-assisted depth, and compression, to deliver a deep massage like no other. Additionally, supporting the release of chronic holding patterns further encourages your body’s natural healing potential. Barefoot massage technique uses deep strokes from massage therapists’ feet, gravity-assisted depth, and compression to deliver a deep massage like no other. Additionally, supporting the release of chronic holding patterns further encourages your body’s natural healing potential.This effective massage style is a combination of the western and eastern forms of deep tissue technique. Ashiatsu has its roots in Eastern forms of bodywork healing, there are numerous related styles of Barefoot massage dating back thousands of years through Asia, India, Africa and the Pacific Rim. As these styles spread to the West over time they have melded with Western bodywork techniques such as Swedish and Deep Tissue among others.


Barefoot massage goes deeper into soft tissue than your average deep tissue session by providing held pressure and compression to tissues. This method of holding pressure through the feet, with the weight of the practitioner's body, supports the release of fascia adhesions and soreness while allowing for the loosening of body holding patterns. Through centrifugal foot movements, clients experience improved circulation through the muscular system. The longer massage strokes stimulate the lymphatic and parasympathetic nervous system, improving general health and giving clients a sense of well-being.

The Ashiatsu Massage technique we use today at BareFoot BodyWorks in San Luis Obispo utilizes an integration of various styles and methods. By using all our knowledge of Eastern & Western techniques in combination we can deliver a deep tissue massage like no other.

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Our Founder 

Missy Anderson-Fritch, LMT


       Hi, I'm Missy, the owner and founder of BareFoot BodyWorks SLO. I started my massage training in 1998 at The Acupressure Institute in Berkeley CA. There, I first learned about Ashiatsu massage and fell in love! I later continued my massage education on the Central Coast at Hirudaya Holistic Life Center and California Holistic Institute in San Luis Obispo. I began working and honing my skills by practicing in spa settings and then in Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, and Medical Offices. In 2009 I began my training as an Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapist, opening Barefoot Bodyworks in 2010. I continued my love for Ashiatsu by taking more advanced classes in the modality and learning variations including Myofascial Barefoot Massage, ROM, and Fijian at The Center for Barefoot Massage. I have started a new chapter in my Ashi journey, which now includes instructing for the Center for Barefoot Massage. My passion for Ashiatsu & Barefoot Massage has only grown as I've learned. 

         I am so blessed to love what I do. I also love my family, my two incredible teenage sons, Marshall & Carter; my fur babies; a husky mix named Mister, and two black cats (11 yr old siblings) named Romeo & Juliet. When I am not doing Barefoot Massage I'm usually spending time with friends and family, or hiking a local trail. I enjoy dancing, music & art. I was born & raised in SLO county and have extensive family and connections here. I love living on the Central Coast. As many of my clients know by my music playlist I love music and enjoy working with my own uniquely multi-genre playlist. 

My intention as a Barefoot Massage instructor is to inspire and empower fellow massage professionals to continue learning and finding innovative ways to do their work. My greatest hopes as an instructor are to support the extension of careers, by giving massage professionals better ways to use their tools and encouraging critical thinking with the techniques. My focused technique continues to be myofascial barefoot massage techniques.

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